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Hello Loves [January 2nd 2012 05:40 PM]

I'm unsure if anyone still follows or views my journal, but I plan on posting a series of icons soon. If you're viewing this entry, send me links to photographers, photos, models, tumblr accounts, etc. that you'd love to see made into icons and I'll attempt to fulfill your wish shortly.

This will probably be my last icon post; and it may be about a week or two before I get the icons up. I have a medical school interview on the 6th, so I'm spending a lot of my time preparing for that/my senior thesis. I love all of you, and I really miss this journal/gaffe/etc.

[December 24th 2006 09:17 PM]

If you would like to add me, comment on this entry ♥ my icons are at gaffe.

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